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List of Abusive Priests and Clergy Members

Survivors have reported child sexual abuse by priests and other Catholic clergy members. Many organizations have compiled lists of these offenders. Due to decades of secrecy in the Roman Catholic Church and the reluctance of some victims to come forward, it is impossible to identify every abuser. However, our team at Abuselawsuit.com has built an extensive, nationwide searchable database of clergy members and priests accused of abuse.

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Our database contains records of Catholic priests and clergy members accused of child sex abuse, dating back decades. Using our search tool, you can explore this list of priests accused of abuse by diocese or state. You can also find a priest by name.

Our Catholic priest database lists individuals facing clergy abuse allegations. AbuseLawsuit.com does not imply guilt for any accused individual on this list.

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Priest Abuse List FAQs

What If A Clergy Member Is Not On This List?

Not all abusive clergy members are on our list. We update our accused priest database as we discover new information. Currently, 41 Catholic dioceses and religious orders in the United States have not released lists of priests credibly accused of abuse. These dioceses serve 9 million Catholics in the United States.

The Catholic Church has been criticized for protecting abusers over victims. For example, many dioceses and religious orders have left abusers off their lists. The Associated Press discovered 900 clergy members accused of child sexual abuse were unaccounted for on these lists.

Thus, you can sue an abusive priest who is not on our list. If you were abused by a clergy member who is not listed in our database, you can still take legal action.

Speak with us today about your legal rights. You can also visit our state pages below to learn more about legal deadlines and survivor resources specific to your state.

Priest Abuse by State

To learn more about clergy abuse in specific states, visit our individual state pages:

How Many Catholic Priests Have Been Accused Of Abuse In The United States?

Our database contains more than 6,000 Catholic clergy members accused of abuse in the United States. However, this number is an underestimation of the full scope of abuse in the Catholic Church. Many survivors of clergy abuse may never come forward with their experiences, so the exact number isn’t known.

What Percentage Of Priests Have Been Accused Of Abuse?

According to the John Jay Report, between 1950 and 2002, approximately 4% of Catholic clergy members in the United States faced credible allegations of child sexual abuse.

Have Any Priests Been Prosecuted On This List Of Accused Priests?

Yes, our list includes some priests who have been criminally prosecuted and convicted of their crimes. However, this number is lower than the number of priests who have been accused.

The John Jay Report analyzed 4,392 priests and deacons facing allegations of sexual abuse of minors or sexual misconduct between 1950 and 2002. Of the 4,392 clergy members analyzed in the report, 1,021 of the incidents were reported to the police. Of these 1,021 accused clergy members, 252 or roughly 25% were criminally convicted.

Despite this low conviction rate, many victims have found justice through settlements and civil lawsuits. If you are a survivor of priest abuse, you may have legal rights. Our legal team can help you determine your legal options. Contact us today.

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