Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuits

The San Francisco-based rideshare company, Lyft, has been named in numerous rideshare sexual assault lawsuits. These lawsuits accuse Lyft of negligence in its handling of reports of sexual assault.

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The San Francisco-based rideshare company, Lyft, has been named in numerous rideshare sexual assault lawsuits. These lawsuits accuse Lyft of negligence in its handling of reports of sexual assault.

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*Cases may be filed anonymously to protect the victim’s identity.

Lyft Sexual Assault

In recent years, many survivors have come forward with their experiences of Lyft-related rape and sexual assault. Some survivors have shared their stories and pursued legal action against the rideshare company.

Unfortunately, unlike the rideshare company Uber, Lyft has not publicly released a safety report regarding incidents of sexual assault. Thus, it is difficult to determine how many users have been victims of Lyft assault. 

This is one of the reasons critics have questioned the safety of Lyft’s services in recent years. Compared to Uber, Lyft has been slow to address the safety concerns. Additionally, the company has been accused of doing little or nothing in response to allegations of assault.

Some survivors assaulted by Lyft drivers or passengers have claimed the company ignored their complaints entirely. In fact, several survivors were still required to pay for the ride during which they were sexually assaulted.

Sexual Assault Lawsuits Against Lyft

Survivors continue to file sexual assault lawsuits against Lyft. In September 2019, 14 women allege they were assaulted by their Lyft drivers. Additionally, 19 more women filed sexual assault lawsuits against the company in December 2019. The company is now facing more the 56 sexual assault lawsuits.

These lawsuits accuse Lyft of several acts of negligence regarding the safety of its services. The various lawsuits claim the following grievances against Lyft:

  • Lyft failed to enact safety measures to protect users from assault.
  • Lyft marketed its services as a “safe option” for users who are too impaired to drive despite lacking important safety features and policies
  • Lyft ignored or downplayed the severity of reported sexual assaults. 
  • Lyft failed to investigate sexual assault allegations.
  • Lyft ran substandard background checks on drivers.
  • Lyft did not remove drivers accused of sexual assault from its app. 
  • In some cases, Lyft refused to cooperate with law enforcement investigations regarding Lyft-related rape or sexual assault cases. 

In January 2020, a California state judge ruled Lyft sexual harassment and assault lawsuits could potentially be consolidated. Thus, dozens of cases with similar circumstances of Lyft-related sexual assault have been combined into a Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding (JCCP). According to The Mercury News, the trial for this mass tort is set to take place in January 2022. 

Sexual Assault Cases Against Lyft

Lyft Driver Sexually Assaulted Massachusetts Woman

In 2018, a Massachusetts woman used Lyft as a safe way home after a night of drinking. Her Lyft driver forced her to perform oral sex on him. She was one of the first survivors to file a lawsuit against Lyft for its part in the sexual assault.

“They just dismiss us. I just want them to acknowledge that they need to do something.”

Ann (Pseudonym), SurvivorThe New York Times

Nurse Raped By Lyft Driver In St. Louis

In June 2019, Cristen Giangarra, a registered nurse, was raped in the backseat of a car by her Lyft driver in St. Louis. The driver went past Giangarra’s intended destination and took her to a more secluded area to commit the assault. Thanks to DNA testing, the driver was apprehended and charged with kidnapping and rape.

Giangarra is suing Lyft for its role in her abuse for undisclosed monetary damages. She hopes by coming forward, she will help incite change to protect future Lyft users from a similar fate.

“I know I’m not alone, in what I’ve been through, and I know that there are a lot more people out there who maybe don’t have the support systems in place to come forward, or don’t feel like anything would happen if they did. And I want that to change.”

Cristen Giangarra, SurvivorKSDK

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Lyft Denies Liability

Despite responding much slower than Uber, Lyft has added new safety features to its app and adjusted its policies to provide safer services. However, the rideshare company continues to avoid taking responsibility for assaults that occur while using its services. Lyft and Uber claim they are not liable for the criminal actions of their drivers because rideshare drivers are independent contractors. Legally, they are not considered employees of the company. Nevertheless, survivors are filing claims against Uber and Lyft.

Lyft Lawsuit FAQs

How Long Do I Have To File A Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Lyft?

Victims of sexual assault must take legal action before the relevant state statute of limitations expires.

A statute of limitations (SOL) is a legal deadline. SOLs vary based on the jurisdiction, the crime and the intended legal action (criminal charges versus a civil claim).

It can be difficult for a survivor to determine which statute applies to their case. Our experienced lawyers can help you build a case around the statute that best applies to your situation. Submit a free, confidential case review today, and our lawyers will explain your legal options based on your unique circumstances.

Should I Sue Lyft Or My Abuser?

In rideshare sexual assault claims, it is common for survivors to name the company and the abuser as defendants.This allows a survivor to hold both parties accountable for their role in the assault. 

Why Should I Hire A Lyft Assault Lawyer?

Some survivors find the legal system to be confusing and overwhelming. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal justice system with ease. Our law firm can help build a strong Lyft sexual assault case and fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.

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